Hi there 👋

Thanks for coming to my website!


I am Japanese student 🇯🇵
I mainly do browser add-on development.
Nice to meet you! 🤝


Browser Extensions Development

Firefox Addons

I develop useful tools as browser extensions.
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VPS, Nginx, Cloudflare

I utilize VPS, Nginx and Cloudflare to self-host Misskey, Piped, etc.
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Firefox Mods Development

I have experience developing the Firefox-fork browser.
using JavaScript, XHTML, CSS and Python
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My Works

Search on Google Lens

Add-on that enables Google Lens to search for images on websites

Private Tabs

Fed up with private windows? How about private tabs?

[Bedrock] No Cave Sounds

Just silence cave sounds. For Minecraft Bedrock

Piped Instance

API Endpoint: pipedapi.foss.beauty Location: United States


Firefox-fork Browser

Floorp Portable

Portable version of Floorp